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Learn the essential tools to record and produce a commercial-sounding vocal track from an industry pro.

Length: 12 sessions

Format: Online

Vocal Production [Online]

Unleash Your Creativity

Discover the world of music production

Vocal Production [Online]

Recording Equipment

Learn how to record great vocals, from choosing mics and acoustic filters to interfaces and pre-amps.

Vocal Production [Online]


Learn about pitch correction, time adjustment, de-essing, and plosives.

Vocal Production [Online]

Effects Processing & Coloration

Understand how to apply EQ, compression, reverb, delay, and saturation.

Vocal Production [Online]

Producing in Different Genres

Learn the subtitles of producing vocals in different genres, from singer-songwriter to pop, hip hop, and electronic.

Vocal Production [Online]

Doubling, Harmony, and Arrangement

Learn how to double leads for powerful vocals, add harmonies, and arrange them in your song.

Vocal Production [Online]

Mixing and Polish

Make your vocals stand out in the mix, giving them presence, depth, and final polish.

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Vocal Production [Online]

A step-by-step curriculum
at an Ableton Certified Training Center

Save hours of time by learning exactly what you need to know, instead of watching countless hours of YouTube videos. Our structured curriculum and expert instructors will ensure you get where you want much faster.


-Vocal recording equipment: mics + pre-amps
-Acoustics and room treatment
-Levels and gain-staging
-Coaching a vocalist
-Pre-mixing: pitch correction, time adjustment, de-essing, and plosives
-Effects processing and coloration: EQ, compression, reverb, delay, saturation
-Doubling and stacking the lead
-Harmonies and backing vocals
-Mixing sends + returns
-Producing in different genres: pop, rap, club

Learn with us

Certified Instructors

More Ableton Certified Trainers than any school worldwide.

Personalized Mentoring

Real-time instruction, student questions, and feedback.

Small Classes

Intimate class sizes (5 students) ensuring maximum interaction.

Discord Community

Ask questions outside of the classroom and meet peers to collaborate.


Vocal Production [Online]
Vocal Production [Online]
Vocal Production [Online]
Vocal Production [Online]

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