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NYC Courses At 343 Labs

Ableton Live: Produce Your First Track [NYC]

Learn the fundamentals of producing with Ableton Live, and produce an original track by the end of the course.

Ableton Live: Create Your Own Sound [NYC]

Get deeper into Ableton Live, develop your own sound, and uncover some of Live’s more advanced features.


2-Day Music Production Workshop [NYC]

Ever wondered how a track you like is made? Chances are it’s been made on a laptop and uses a vocal and a couple of instruments. In this workshop, we will uncover the behind-the-scenes process of music production and show you some of the essential tools a music producer uses in everyday music creation. During the workshop, we will be learning the fundamentals of working with Ableton Live, one of the world’s leading music production software*. By the end of the workshop, you will leave with an original beat, as well as a basic understanding of the essential music production concepts needed to make a track.


Logic Pro: Produce Your First Track [NYC]

Learn the fundamentals of producing with Logic Pro, and produce an original track by the end of the course.


Logic Pro: Create Your Own Sound [NYC]

Topics: Advanced MIDI Operations in Logic, Gain Staging using Pink Noise, Single Source Microphone Recording, Flex Pitch/Time, Digital Audio Basics, MIDI Layering and Resampling, Multitrack Comping and Grouping of Tracks, Single Source Multi Channel Recording, Advanced Compression and Spatial Effects, Creating Stems for a Mixing Engineer, Arrangement, Groove Templates in Logic, Master Bus Processing.


Live Performance [NYC]

Learn to build a unique live set from your productions, and learn to perform them live on stage for an audience.


Mixing & Mastering: Start To Finish [NYC]

Learn the fundamentals of Audio Mixing, and finish your first release-ready mix by the end of the course.


Electronic Music Composition & Arrangement [NYC]

Learn the music theory and composition techniques to bring your musical ideas from your head to the DAW, and learn the steps to arrange your track from start to finish.


Advanced Electronic Music Composition & Arrangement [NYC]

Learn advanced techniques for composition, music theory, arrangement, and remixing.


Sound Design & Synthesis For Producers [NYC]

Learn to create your signature sound by understanding the principles of synthesis and be able to make any sound from scratch.


Vocal Production [NYC]

Learn the tools to record and produce a commercial-sounding vocal track that stands out in your mix and turns your song from a demo to a hit.


Hybrid Music Production [NYC]

Learn about studio recording, best practices for running a session, and how to integrate the recordings with your electronic productions.


Finishing Music Workshop [NYC]

Learn to finish tracks through constant and professional feedback and develop techniques to consistently finish more music. Understand the various stages of idea development and making creative choices. Learn to identify a strong idea and commit to it early on to speed up your workflow. Discuss techniques to help creative output, idea generation, and execution.