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Ableton Spaces Recap with 343 Labs


Ableton Spaces took place July 13th in Brooklyn, NY. Spaces was an all day Ableton conference that featured a number of different presentations, discussions, and performances focused around but not limited to the topic of Ableton Live. Artists that were featured at the event included Stud1nt, Nick Hook, Ebonie Smith, Ski Beatz, and Half Waif. The conference took place at The Music Hall of Williamsburg where presentations were held on stage while workshops and refreshments were served in the downstairs lounge area. The downstairs area was set up with Push controllers as well as a modular synth setup that was synced up to Live using a new feature called CV Tools. The day began with an engaging panel that included Jesse Terry, co-creator of Push, Stud1nt and Ski Beatz. It consisted of each artist playing a song that was made using the same sample and was provided by Ableton. Afterwards each artist broke down their workflows of making each piece which varied quite a bit from each other. The next presentation of the day was a highly informative presentation about the latest mixing and automation features of Ableton 10.1 and many of the new features available on the Ableton Push controller. After a break for lunch the afternoon was kicked off by another panel that included Nick Hook, Ebonie Smith, Stud1nt, and Coleman Goughary from Ableton which covered a variety of topics such as how to stay relevant in the industry and what to do when you feel like you’re out of inspiration. To end the day there was a performance by the Half Waif which feature a powerful demonstration of Live can do in the performance environment. Throughout the day there were meetups taking place at various times focused on specific topics such as software development and education. During the educators meetup we got the chance to catch up with all different types of teachers, developers and music professionals that use Ableton Live as an educational tool to teach music. As expected the quality of the event was as high as the other events Ableton has been holding for many years such as the annual loop conference. We hope to see more events like this coming to New York City in the near future.

Thomas Solari