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Creative Wavetable Techniques in Ableton Live with 343 Labs Instructor Adam - 3 Part Video Tutorial

In this three-part  Wavetable video tutorial series, 343 Labs Instructor Adam Partridge aka Atropolis demonstrates techniques for using the Wavetable devices in Ableton Live. The three topics he will go over are shaping your 808 sound (Part 1), making a riser (Part 2), and micro sampling (part 3) all within the wavetable synthesizer.

Part 1: Create a basic 808 Bass with Wavetable

In this video Atropolis takes us through the process of creating an 808 from start to finish with Wavetable in Ableton Live 10.

Part 2: Shaping your 808 Bass in Wavetable

In Part Two of the tutorial, our instructor Atropolis takes us through the basics elements of shaping an 808 with Wavetable in Ableton Live 10.

Part 3: Making a Riser with Wavetable

For Part 3, Atropolis demonstrates how he creates a riser from using Wavetable in Ableton Live 10.

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