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343 Labs goes to Brooklyn Synth Expo

The 6th edition of the Brooklyn Synth Expo took place this past weekend on June 8th and 9th. 343 Labs were a sponsor of this year’s event with our own booth as well as providing technical support during the presentations/ workshops. We had the pleasure of meeting many different musicians and DJs all with unique skill sets and different levels of experience. It was really refreshing to see such a diverse range of musicians, producers, and Dj’s all together in one space surrounding by so much high-quality gear!  We even had the honor to have one of our instructors teach a class each day of the event. On Saturday we had Abe Duque who broke down his live setup which included how to sync a modular synth setup to a pair of CDJs and on Sunday John Selway taught us how to make an entire track from scratch using multiple different synthesis techniques. 

Be sure to check out our recap video below and stay tuned to our YouTube channel for the video versions of our two presentations from the synth expo!

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