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Student Spotlight: Nathan Kelly

Our latest student spotlight is also our newest team member


Here at 343 Labs, we believe that everyone is capable of making their own unique music with the right tools and guidance. There’s no better example of this than 343 Labs student, Nathan Kelly.

Nathan’s been in the City for a little over a decade now, originally working as a party promoter at venues like Webster Hall. But even when he was throwing parties, Nathan was always drawn towards the DJ booth, learning and absorbing the different ways a crowd reacts to beats and melodies. Ultimately, he wanted to make music of his own.

So far, Nathan has taken Songwriting and Music Theory, Advanced Ableton, and Synthesis. He’s now in our Mixing & Mastering class learning how to put the finishing touches on his tracks.

We asked him about where he began vs where he is now:

“ When I first started at 343 I barely knew what a chord was. Now I am writing and producing a new track almost every week. 343 gave me the foundation to understand everything I was seeing online but didn't know how to piece together to actually go somewhere with it. “

Nathans tracks pack a lot of energy and drive, and with EDM influences like Avicii, Martin Garrix, Chris Lake, CamelPhat, Slushii, Galantis, Dmitri Vegas & Like Mike, we can clearly see why.

One of his most recent releases, Bounce, was actually his final song for the Synthesis class. Nathan had just finished Songwriting and Music Theory, where he’d had been working on a more traditional melody and vocal track called Midnight. Nathan was trying to get out of that mindset, into a more club, techno, tech house, style. Bounce came to him and was produced in just 3 days.

Nathan’s long term goals are to have some of his songs on regular rotation in clubs around the world, produce a Grammy award winning artist or maybe win one himself, DJ a festival, and help foster a sense of community within the music scene here in NYC.

We asked him what he loved about 343 Labs, as he’s on his fifth course now. He told us:

What I love most about 343 is the networking aspect. It really helped me gain an understanding of the music scene in NYC and kept me motivated to learn as I would meet people to collaborate with or learn from. I’ve always been a proponent of group learning, networking, and collaboration, which is why I will be working with 343 as the new Community Engagement Lead to further student involvement both at 343 and within the local music community.

Nathan has also joined our team as a community engagement lead. He will be setting up different events and opportunities for students to grow and thrive within the 343 Labs community.

Check out Nathans IG and Soundcloud below.

Instagram: @nathankellynyc

SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/nathankellynyc