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Student Spotlight: Antonio Thomas

Antonio’s music goal is to rule the world. Some may call this lofty, but we don’t think so.

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Many people don’t want to admit that they want fame and fortune from their music career. I guess they’re too humble, but 343 Labs Student, Antonio Thomas, wears that mantra on his sleeve.

When he began, he found music as a source of release and expression. As music production became more comfortable, he’s grown to like the idea of writing and producing for other artists. It’s not only a way to diversify your skills, he says, but a way to monetize it.

This business first mindset probably has something to do with his background. Antonio hails from Philadelphia, a city drenched in nightlife and a Northeast pace that often gives its slogan “the city of brotherly love” a sarcastic undertone. That fast pace lifestyle is what brought Antonio to DJ’ing and producing. He was originally a lyricist but grew tired of waiting for beats and having to manage producer’s personalities. This fall, he took matters into his own hands, coming to 343 Labs “Ableton: Make Your First Track” course where he learned the fundamentals of Ableton and electronic production. In fact, he’s enrolled in our Songwriting and Advanced Ableton Courses to continue building his skillset after finishing his first class.

Antonio says his favorite thing about 343 Labs has been the community. “Everyone is so supportive…I’d say the judgment-free environment goes a long way...especially coming from the dance world that can be very competitive and toxic”

The track we’re featuring from Antonio is called “W2.” Although it’s not totally representative of his sound, Antonio capitalized on the current state of politics with a tongue-in-cheek track about the Government Shutdown in early 2019. This track breaks him out of his comfort zone, including rapping, mixing up old hip-hop classics in a dance format, and even fitting a meme in there too.

Check out Antonio’s song “W2” here. And look out for more from him in the near future!

If you’re interested in accelerating your music career like Antonio and joining our community, check out 343labs.com for our class schedule and events.