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What's new in Live 10, Part 7: PEDAL

Pedal is Ableton’s new distortion effect, intended for guitar, but which can be used creatively in many other situations too, such as on synths, drums, or vocals. Here is a run down of some of the main parameters and how to use them:

There are three pedal types: Overdrive (warm), Distortion (aggressive), and Fuzz (broken amp sound). The Gain adjusts the amount of distortion applied to the dry signal. NOTE: even at 0% there is already distortion applied, so use with care. The Bass, Mid, and Treble knobs are EQ controls, which boost or attenuate (lower) these frequencies. The Sub switch adds bass frequency boost.

A couple tips on how to apply Pedal: Experiment with the positioning of Pedal in the effect chain. If used after an EQ with boosted highs, you will have a much harsher distortion effect than if positioned after a compressor for example. To create a ‘Techno’ kick, try using the distort setting and turn on the Sub switch, then adjust the Gain as desired. To warm up your sub bass and add harmonics, try the OD setting with the Sub switch on, and play with the Bass and Gain knobs.

As always, our recommendation for learning this device is to get stuck in and experiment!

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