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What's new in Live 10, Part 6: DRUM BUSS

This is Ableton’s new analog-style drum processor. We think it’s an amazing addition, to help you shape your drums, adding more punch, bass, or just overall character, all in one plugin. Let’s take a look at the important parameters to get you started.

Arguably the three most important knobs are Drive, Crunch, and Boom. Drive allows you to boost the signal before it passes through one of three distortion settings: Soft, Medium, and Hard. Crunch adds distortion to the mid-high frequencies. And Boom, well, as the name suggests, adds more bass! There are a couple other cool parameters you can adjust too, such as Transients, which allows you to emphasize the transients, turning up to add more body and ‘punch’ or down to make drums sound cleaner and tighter. There is also a handy compressor and a high-cut filter named Damp, which removes unwanted frequencies that sometimes occur after distortion.

As always, our recommendation for learning this device is to get stuck in and experiment!

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