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What's new in Live 10, Part 5: ECHO

This is Ableton’s take on an analog tape delay-style audio effect. It comes packed with tweakable parameters, that allow you to dial in some classic delay effects, or get creative with some weird sounds. Let’s take a look at the main features:

Echo panel: You will find most of the usual delay settings here, like setting delay time, feedback amount, and wet/dry mix. The cool looking yellow rings (Echo Tunnel) represent the delay time and feedback - see how they change as you adjust these parameters. Delay modes can be switched between Stereo, Ping Pong, and Mid/Side. The latter parameter is new to previous Ableton delays, and allows for interesting modulation in the stereo field. There is also a handy filter section, that can be exposed by clicking under the Echo Tunnel.

Modulation panel: To be honest, you will get plenty of mileage just using the front panel, but if you are so inclined you can find further modulation parameters here. The Mod panel features an LFO that can modulate filter frequency and delay times, and has an envelope follower that can be blended with the LFO.

Character panel: This allows you to control dynamics and add imperfections to your sound, and features Gate, Ducking, Wobble, and Noise. These are self-explanatory, but best play around and see what they do. Also remember, the Info view in Live’s left bottom corner of the screen is your best friend. 

To summarize, Echo is a great tool to get creative with, much more so than it’s older siblings, Simple and Ping Pong Delay. These are the important features, and our recommendation is to get stuck in and play around until you surprise yourself with something you like.

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