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What's new in Live 10, Part 4: WAVETABLE

This is Ableton’s first pass at a wavetable synth, and a good one at that. In wavetable synthesis an oscillator moves between waveforms that are contained in a wavetable, to modulate the sound. Remember, some other popular wavetable synths until now include Xfer’s Serum and NI's Massive. 

Our first recommendation when starting with Wavetable, is to just check out some of the presets, to hear what kind of sounds this instrument makes. You will find that this synth runs the gamut of vintage analog sounds, to modern industrial sounds, formant growls and weirder tables. Once you get under the hood, Wavetable features 2 oscillators, 3 assignable envelopes, 2 LFOs, and 2 filters. You cannot import your own wavetables to the oscillators, but oscillators come packed with wavetables to choose from. The synth also features three types of modulation: FM (frequency modulation), Classic (pulse-width modulation), and Modern (phase distortion). Wavetable does eat a fair amount of CPU, so you may want to start freezing tracks, if your CPU meter starts peaking. Other than that, enjoy this great new instrument by Ableton!

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