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What's New In Live 10, Part 1: MULTI-CLIP EDITING

Ableton, the creators of LIVE, one of the most-widely used music production softwares today, released a major update earlier this year: Ableton Live 10. In this mini-series we bring you some of these new features in bite-sized chunks.

You can now view and edit MIDI notes from up to eight different MIDI tracks in one MIDI Note Editor window! Simply select all the tracks that you want to see the MIDI from and the notes will be displayed in the same color as the corresponding track. Easily switch between notes from other tracks by clicking on the corresponding loop bar (color-coded according to your track).

This feature is really useful for example when you are programming drum parts with drum elements all on separate tracks, and you want to make sure all parts fit together smoothly. Or if you have two or more melodies or chord tracks and want to make sure the notes are not clashing harmonically or rhythmically. Game changer!

Learn what's new in Ableton Live 10. Check back for more posts in this mini-series and improve your production skills! 

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