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Masterclass Series: The Creative Process, with Abe Duque

Does music making always need to be inspired, or can the creative process be practiced, like any other skill? This is the ongoing discussion most creators have with themselves on a daily basis. In this masterclass, techno legend, producer, DJ, and longtime Dubspot instructor Abe Duque shares his creative process to making music, and attempts to demystify some of the preconceptions about making music, taking a song from the very beginnings of an idea, through its various stages of development until it reaches its final version.

With a career that started in the early days of house and techno at New York’s notorious Limelight, Abe Duque has been releasing tracks since the early 90s, on labels such as International Deejay Gigolo, Tension, Abuse Industries, and Rapture, as well as remixing tracks for household names such as Chemical Brothers and Pet Shop Boys, Abe later turned his attention to education, where he is now considered one of the most respected educators in his field.

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