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Masterclass Series: JOHN SELWAY - Techno Fundamentals, Part 1

John Selway has literally blazed every path, collaborated with every talent, played everywhere, mastered every style, broken every boundary, risen to techno stardom and never forgotten his roots. Since taking up electronic dance music from his home base in NYC in the early ’90s, John has faithfully represented his town at every turn. As an artist, a record slinger, a label owner and more, he is a musical force to be reckoned with and a bonafide pillar of the scene.

In this first installment of Techno Fundamentals, Selway breaks down the basic elements of the Techno sound. He dives into the history of how Techno was made in its inception, using hardware drum machines, and demonstrates how to recreate this sound in Ableton Live, using native plugins, to create sonically rich soundscapes and rhythmically complex grooves.

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