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DJing with Ableton Live

Live has an easy way to get set up for DJing.

-Create two audio tracks and click on the X (bottom right) to show the cross-faders. Assign one deck to Deck A and one to Deck B. You can now fade between the decks using the crossfader under the Master Track.

-Set up your Cue Out to monitor your tracks. To do this go to preferences>Output Config>activate outputs 3&4. Open I/O and set Cue Out to outputs 3/4. Click on the solo/cue button (next to master fader) and solo buttons will turn into cue buttons. 

-Warp your tracks so that they beat match and play at the BPM in your tempo setting.

-Move the location of the Start Marker in the Sample Editor to start the song in a particular section (like the drop).

-Use the Loop Brace to set up loops within the song.