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Find out more about our Summer Programs. Looking to deep dive into music production, these are summer intensive that will help you produce and perform your own music.

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Our summer intensive programs were designed for students that want to immerse themselves in music and learn the tools they need to produce and perform their music in as little as 5 weeks. Students will gain a thorough understanding of music production, performance, and DJing, with classes meeting 5-days per week, while being able to enjoy the vibrant NYC music scene by night. The program is taught by some of NYC’s most accomplished instructors and also offers masterclasses with visiting artists, and studio time for students to work on their projects outside of class. The program culminates in a public performance event held on the 343 Labs rooftop overlooking Manhattan, giving students the opportunity to perform the music they made.


Students can choose to take our flagship 5-week DJ Producer Master Program, or opt to select specific modules within the 5-week Master Program. All programs can be taken either in June (Option 1) or July (Option 2).


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