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Songwriting & Music Theory

Songwriting & Music Theory


Learn the steps and music theory to write a song from start to finish, and discover the necessary production techniques needed to create a professional sounding vocal track

Next Start Date June 3 Summer Course
Level Beginner / Intermediate
Sessions 12

Available Courses
Aug 5 - 16, Mon-Fri, 3:15 - 6:15 pm Summer Course
Sept 16 - Dec 8, Sundays, 12:15 - 3 pm


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This course is geared towards both the vocalist looking for a deeper understanding of music theory for writing songs, as it is for the producer looking to collaborate with vocalists and needing to learn how to communicate ideas in the studio. The course will cover the full life-cycle of a song, from its inception during the writing process, to recording, and to its completion during the post-production process.

Topics Covered

  • Keys, scales, and chords

  • Writing a strong melody and hook

  • Approaches to writing lyrics

  • Harmonic theory and chord progressions

  • Song arrangement

  • Collaborating and communicating with a vocalist

  • Vocal recording techniques

  • Vocal production and editing techniques

  • Vocal effects processing: de-essing, eq, pitch correction