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Songwriting & Music Theory

Songwriting & Music Theory


Learn from an industry professional the tools to write a song from start to finish, covering music theory, composition, arrangement, recording, to releasing and promoting your music.

Next Start Date Sep 22
Level Beginner / Intermediate
Sessions 12

Available Courses
Sept 22 - Dec 15, Sundays, 12:15 - 3 pm
Sept 23 - Oct 18, Mon/Wed/Fri, 12:15 - 3 pm

Location 32 Cooper Square, 2nd Floor New York, NY 10003

Registration closes 7 days before class starts.


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Knowing your production software inside out is important, but will not necessarily lead to writing good music. To write a powerful song you need to understand how the various musical elements such as melody, harmony, lyrics, and arrangement come together to create a cohesive composition that can ultimately express your message. After that you will need to record and produce your song, and then you may even want to release it. This course will cover all these crucial aspects, taught by some of the most experienced songwriters in NYC, and will cover everything from music theory, topline and lyric writing, recording, arranging, to releasing and promoting your music.

Topics Covered

  • Keys, scales, and chords

  • Writing a strong melody and hook

  • Approaches to writing lyrics

  • Harmonic theory and chord progressions

  • Song arrangement

  • Collaboration

  • Vocal recording techniques

  • Vocal production and editing techniques

  • Vocal effects processing: de-essing, eq, pitch correction

  • Releasing and promoting your music