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Audio Mixing: Start To Finish Online

Audio Mixing: Start To Finish Online


Learn the fundamentals of Audio Mixing and finish your first release-ready mix by the end of the course

Next Start Date June 3
Level Beginner to Intermediate
Sessions 12

Available Courses
June 3 - Aug 25

More dates to come - reach out to alex@343labs.com with any questions.

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“You can make a great track, but if the mix isn’t right, you won't get to your audience. It doesn't matter if you are playing at home or at Berghain". Legendary techno producer Abe Duque leads this 12 session program that will take your production to the next level. The Mixing course will teach you how to bring out the flavor in your productions, and to achieve a polished, professional mix right on your laptop, without the need for buying expensive studio gear.

Topics Covered

  • Frequency overview & the Science of Sound

  • Principles of psychoacoustics

  • Bussing, send + returns, and setting up a mix template

  • Metering and commercial/broadcast audio normalization protocols

  • Gain staging, leveling, and headroom

  • Common mixing plugins overview

  • Order of operations in audio effects processing

  • EQ and filters

  • Compression + limiting

  • Reverb + delay

  • Mixing vocals: pitch correction, de-essing, coloration

  • Panning and stereo imaging

  • Finishing touches and bouncing to stereo

  • Basic mastering