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Electronic Music Production Essential

Electronic Music Production Essential


Learn the essential skills for becoming a music producer by taking our Electronic Music Production Essential bundle.

A personalized schedule will be created upon enrollment
Level Beginner to Advanced
Sessions 48

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The EMP Essential bundle is a comprehensive learning bundle intended for students looking to develop specific music production skills essential to their individual needs. Students choose any four courses that 343 Labs has to offer, to customize a learning path that best meets their needs and interests, from music production, music theory and songwriting, mixing and mastering, and synthesis. 343 Labs will recommend a specific schedule for each student, however, students may choose the order and pacing of their courses (according to the start dates listed on our website). All courses must be completed within one year of beginning the first course.

  • Music Production, Level 1

  • Music Production, Level 2

  • Music Production, Level 3

  • Songwriting & Music Theory For Producers

  • Synthesis For Producers

  • Mixing & Mastering

    Music Production courses can be taken using Ableton Live or Logic Pro