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Electronic Music Production + DJ Complete Online

Electronic Music Production + DJ Complete Online


Learn to become a versatile DJ Producer by mastering the craft of electronic music production + DJing in one bundle.

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Level Beginner to Advanced
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This bundle consists of the following courses:


The EMP Complete bundle + DJ consists of all six music production courses 343 Labs has to offer, as well as an over-arching DJ course, aimed towards producers that also want to DJ. Students will learn everything from music theory and songwriting, to advanced production techniques, synthesis, and mixing and mastering, so that by the end of their courses they will have several release-ready tracks. The added DJ component will equip students with the tools they need to perform their tracks live, and be successful in a world where the lines between producers and DJs are becoming increasingly blurred. The DJ course teaches students the fundamentals of beatmatching and phrase mixing, setting cue points, to using effects and programming extended club sets. 343 Labs will recommend a specific schedule for each student, however, students may choose the order and pacing of their courses (according to the start dates listed on our website). All courses must be completed within one year of beginning the first course.

  • Music Production, Level 1

  • Music Production, Level 2

  • Music Production, Level 2

  • Songwriting & Music Theory For Producers

  • Synthesis For Producers

  • Mixing & Mastering

  • DJing

    Music Production courses can be taken using Ableton Live or Logic Pro