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Ableton Live: Create Your Own Sound

Ableton Live: Create Your Own Sound


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Uncover Live’s advanced features and learn how to craft your signature sound with Live’s powerful synths and samplers

Next Start Date July 27
Level Intermediate to Advanced
Sessions 12

Available Courses
July 27 - Oct 19, Saturdays, 12:15 - 3 pm

Location 243 Canal Street, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10013

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This course was designed for students that already have a good understanding of Live and are looking to deepen their knowledge by uncovering some of Live’s more complex features. Every producer is looking for their signature sound, and this course teaches you just that, namely how to sculpt sounds with Live’s powerful software synths and samplers. The course will also take a quick look at Max For Live, and many other more advanced features in Live.

Topics Covered

  • Designing sounds with Live’s Analog,

  • Operator, and Wavetable

  • Physical modeling instruments

  • Advanced sampling and re-sampling

  • Advanced instrument racks

  • Advanced effect racks

  • Advanced automation techniques

  • Incorporating hardware instruments and performing with live musicians

  • Intro to Max For Live