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Ableton Live 5-Day Intensive

Ableton Live 5-Day Intensive


An immersive crash-course in learning the fundamentals of producing with Ableton Live

Level Beginner to Intermediate
Dates August 12 - 16 Time 11 am - 2 pm
Location 32 Cooper Square, 2nd Floor New York, NY 10013

We offer installment plans. Email alex@343labs for more info.

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Topics Covered


  • Overview & Drum Programming

  • Note and Clip Editing

  • Melodic Instruments

  • Chords, Harmony, and Basslines

  • Audio and MIDI Effects

  • Automation

  • Song Arrangement

  • Audio Recording

  • Warping & Remixing

  • Basic Mixing & Mastering

This 5-day intensive course is a condensed version of our flagship 12-week Ableton “Produce Your First Track” course. It is aimed at students with time-constraints, that are looking to get a jump-start with music production, and learn how to get their way around this powerful software in as little as 5-days.